Interview With Bregman Vet Group’s Own Janine

In 1999 the Bregman Vet Group established the 5th Avenue Cat Clinic in Park Slope, Brooklyn. Modeled after The Cat Hospital, this clinic provides feline only veterinary medicine, surgery and boarding in a peaceful environment. In 2004 we expanded to our largest facility in Williamsburg Brooklyn. The Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital offers veterinary care for cats and dogs. Separate exam rooms for dogs and cats allows to provide a pleasant environment for us to examine and treat your companion animals. We are also pleased to offer minimally invasive surgery, because your pet’s health is as important to us as it is to you. We took a few minutes to sit down with Receptionist & Vet Tech Assistant Janine, from the 5th avenue Cat Clinic & Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital. Please view the interview below: 

Interviewer: So Janine, where are you from originally?

Janine: I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. Born and raised!

Interviewer:  Wow, after living in Los Angeles all of that time, what made you want to move to New York?

Janine: Musical theatre, which is what I had my degree in. I was fortunate enough to be able to sing in front of many different audiences. I sang on Cruise ships, television, I even got to tour Australia, which I highly suggest you visit if you have not gotten the opportunity to yet. I still want to go back to just relax and sight see.

Interviewer:  It is a personal dream of mine to visit Australia as well. When did you first start working for the Bregman Vet Group?

Janine: I started working with the Bregman Vet Group in March of 2011. I fell in love with the vet group and animals so much that I decided to make a full career change. I recently applied into the NYU post baccalaureate pre health program and got accepted! I’m so excited! 

Interviewer: Congratulations! That is a great achievement. Have you had any prior Veterinarian experience before the Bregman Vet Group?

Janine: I had no work experience in an actual vet office but, back in California I volunteered at rescue shelters. Although it’s not a hospital setting, it was still very hands on and rewarding. 

Interviewer: What is your favorite part about working for Dr. Bregman?

Janine: The fact that the Bregman’s take the time to teach me. I had to learn a lot and they were willing to teach me every step of the way. It’s been a HUGE learning process!

Interviewer: That’s great. What is your specialty in the office? What makes you different from most of the staff?

Janine: Okay ready? I sing to the animals, don’t laugh! Because I sang on cruise ships I had to be musically diverse especially with my vocal range. I will sing to the animals and figure out what they like listening to by their reactions.

Interviewer: Being a pet lover, how many pets do you have?

Janine: I just adopted a cat and have two other ones that I adore. My 3 dogs are back home in California. They didn’t make the move with me but, I miss them very much!                                                                       Interviewer: Out of all the experiences you’ve had with the Bregman Vet Group, which is your favorite?     
                                                                     Janine: Generally speaking, seeing a really sick dog or cat come into the hospital and having us help make a difference. The work we do with the animals is very hands on. Saving the life of an animal is one of the most rewarding feelings in the world. Seeing the look on not only the animal’s face, but the owner’s face as well after saving a pets life is extremely rewarding and self fulfilling.

Interviewer: That must be the most rewarding feeling. On a brighter not, what is the funniest story you have from working at the Bregman Vet Group?

Janine: Everyday is always fun and exciting. That’s why I love it! It’s just one giant funny story. I do love exercising and running with the cats up and down the hallways hehe.

Interviewer: Have you witnessed any pet miracles while on the job?

Janine: Yes! We had a dog that was hit by a car just as we were closing on a Sunday once. Two random people drove by and saw the dog laying on the ground, injured from the accident. They picked him up and brought the animal to our hospital. The dog had about six broken ribs, badly injured face, and blood in the lungs. We understood the severity of the situation and did what we could to get him in a stabilized place and got him healthy again! The owners were notified and came to the hospital right away. The owners were extremely thankful that we saved their dogs life.

You heard it from Janine; stop by any Bregman Vet Group location or visit for more details. For a full list of our locations please click HERE!

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