Interview With Dr. Pingle From The Bregman Vet Group

The Paws and Claws Veterinary Hospital offers veterinary care for cats and dogs. Separate exam rooms for dogs and cats allows to provide a pleasant environment for us to examine and treat your companion animals. We are also pleased to offer minimally invasive surgery, because your pet’s health is as important to us as it is to you.
We took a few minutes to sit down with Dr. Pingle from the Bregman Vet Group location, Paws and Claws. Please view the interview below: 

pingle3BInterviewer: Good afternoon Dr. Pingle. What is your official title at the Bregman Vet Group?
Dr. Pingle: Good afternoon, my official title is MVB. I received that title when I completed Vet School in Ireland.
Interviewer: Wow, Ireland I hear is beautiful. Did you do all of your schooling in Ireland?
Dr. Pingle: Yes, it was a great experience! I actually did my undergrad in Ohio and then came to New York in 1999. I was taking the year off before Vet School. 
Interviewer: When did you come back to New York?
Dr. Pingle: I came back to New York in 2005 as I was engaged to my now husband.
Interviewer:  That great, which Bregman Vet Group location do you work in?
Dr. Pingle: I work at the Paws and Claws hospital four days a week and the 5th avenue cat clinic one day a week. Both are great veterinary hospitals.
Interviewer: When did you officially start working for the Bregman Vet Group?
Dr. Pingle: In the summer of 2007, I was applying for jobs at the time in Brooklyn and Dr. Bregman gave me a call to set up an interview. I’ve been working here ever since. 
Interviewer: Have you ever worked at any other Veterinarian Offices before the Bregman Vet Group

Dr. Pingle: This is my first job as a veterinarian. I have worked as a vet nurse in a few practices in Manhattan.
Interviewer: Before coming to the Bregman Vet Group, what was your career field?
Dr. Pingle: I had done a fair bit of work in the wildlife conservation field. 
Bregman Veterinary GroupInterviewer: You certainly seem to have the experience. Based off your experience, what is your specialty? What makes you different from other doctors?
Dr. Pingle: I really like internal medicine and interacting with the clients. I feel that I have developed a close relationship with both the clients and their pets over the past few years and this is something that I enjoy.  I love to learn and gain more knowledge on a daily basis and working with here enables me to do that. 
Interviewer: What is your favorite part about working for the Bregman Vet Group?
Dr. Pingle: The thing I love about working for the Bregman Vet Group is the ability to practice good quality, up to date veterinary medicine. Dr. Bregman is always available for me to reach him, whether it is a simple question or an emergency he is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Bregman Vet Group is special because it’s a family based veterinarian office group and they are truly passionate about their work and patients. I’m very happy here. 
You heard it from Dr. Pingle; stop by any Bregman Vet Group location or visit for more details. For a full list of our locations please click HERE!

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