Introducing Our NEW Home Delivery Program!


We are excited to announce our NEW online proxy store!  

With the convenience of home delivery, you can have your pet care essentials shipped and delivered right to your doorstep!

Sign up for any of our home delivery programs for easy pet care:

The Feed Me™ program auto ships your pet’s food directly to your home.  There is no need to head out to the store to pick up your pet’s food.  This is perfect for pet owners who have limited access to transportation, have a busy schedule, or just want the added convenience of home delivery.

The Remind Me™ program to AutoShip a single dose of your pet’s flea, tick, and Heartworm prevention every month on the day they need to be given.  Your pet will get the year-round care that they need with this simple reminder.

Ready to set up your home delivery?  Click on your veterinary hospital below:

If you have any questions about how to enroll in our new home delivery program, please contact the veterinary hospital you bring your pet to.  We are happy to help you set up your AutoShip orders!  

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