Introducing Your Child to a New Pet


Have you decided to buy
or adopt a new pet?  During this exciting
time, we encourage you to teach your kids how to interact with this new member
of your family.  Here are a few tips to
help your kids adjust to a new cat or dog.

How to Interact With a
New Pet:
  •  Be Gentle – Make sure that kids know
    to interact with your new pet in a non-threatening way.
      Allow your pet to sniff and become familiar
    with your kids.
      Offering a low, closed fist
    or open palm is a great way to become introduced.
  • Be Cautious – New pets are often
    scared and timid.
      Emphasize personal
    space and keep your kids at a safe distance to make sure that they don’t feel
  • Be Calm – Pets react differently
    from humans.
      Loud noises and quick
    movements can startle them.
      Your new pet
    will feel more at ease if you are gentle and attentive.
  • Be Aware of Warning Signs – It is
    easier for adults to judge when an animal feels uncomfortable.
      If your pet turns their head, walks away,
    puts their ears back, cowers, hides their tail, or bares their teeth, kids
    should know that it is not a good time to play.

Read more about how you can
introduce your child to a new pet here.  New pet owners can also contact any of the Bregman Vet Group offices for advice,
medical care, and new pet assistance.   

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