Introducing Your Dog to a New Baby

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Bringing home a new baby
is an exciting time.  While you make
adjustments to your own life, you should take the time to gradually adjust your
dog’s life too.  Now that you have new
responsibilities, your pet care schedule is likely to change.  Here are a few tips to help you and your dog
adjust to life
with a newborn

Dog Introduction Tips:
  • Bad Habits – Everyone gets a bit lax
    on the discipline from time to time.
    However, now is the time to ensure your dog is well-behaved for your
    child’s safety.
  • Grooming – Make sure that there isn’t
    pet hair hanging around and that your dog doesn’t bring dirt into the house.
  • Acclimate – When your new baby
    arrives, it is going to be your number one priority.
      Unfortunately, this means that you might be
    spending less quality time with your dog.
    Gradually adjust your pet by practicing baby routines throughout the day
    so that your pet learns how to entertain itself for a few hours of the day.
  • Introduction – Try to introduce your
    dog to your friends’ babies.
    experience will give them a better understanding of what it will be like when
    your newborn arrives home.
  • Dog Sitting –Make sure that you schedule
    time for any dog walkers/sitters, depending on your work and life schedule.
  • Exercise – Before introducing your
    pet, let them exercise.
      This will reduce
    your dog’s energy and help make sure that he or she is calmer when around the

Don’t wait until the
baby is born to make these changes.  Give
your pet plenty of time to adjust to everything associated with your newborn.  Contact Bregman Vet Group if you have any
questions regarding your pet!

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