Is a Raw Food Diet Better For Your Pet?

heard of the raw food diet, for your pet? Some veterinarians and pet owners
seem to believe that the raw meat diet is best for their pets. Sharon Misik, a
owner of two Siberian huskies, argues that the raw food diet has changed, and
in a way, saved, her dogs lives. 

Misik’s dogs seemed to be suffering from a
mysterious illness, causing them trouble with eating and suffering from severe
diarrhea. After multiple veterinarian visits and several specialized diets, the
raw meat diet was the only thing that worked. “They were like new dogs, happy
and healthy,” says Ms Misik.

this diet worked for Sharon Misik’s Siberian huskies, it doesn’t mean this diet
will work on every pet. Many veterinarians happen to discourage this diet.
These veterinarians believe that exposing pets to raw food might expose them to
harmful bacteria’s, such as salmonella. On the contrary, there are vets who
encourage the raw food diet. These vets believe these raw pet foods allow cats
and dogs to eat a more natural diet.

debates between which diet, raw food or processed food, is better for your pet
is an ongoing one. Depending on the food and the dog, there’s no saying which
diet your animal will live longer on, until further research is done.

HERE to read this full article to hear both
sides of the debate over the raw food diet for pets. 

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