Is It Smart To Declaw Your Cat?

When it comes to cats, owners have the decision to make –
should we declaw the cat or not? This is one of the hottest issues in the
American cat owner community today.
Onychectomy in cats is an incredibly common procedure in the
United States – it is estimated that fully one-fourth of house cats are
declawed. The procedure involves removing a cat’s claw from within their tow,
thus preventing it from growing back (
There are understandable reasons for declawing your cat –
they can’t ruin your furniture, they can’t scratch anyone or other cats, they
have the option of retaining their back claws to assist in jumping, and you
don’t have to worry about clipping their nails.
When the declawing procedure is done, it actually severs the
cat’s last toe bone, according to many (
Balance is very important in cats, and declawing them can affect their natural
balance. Also, after the surgery, infections are easy to get and some cats
experience pain over the loss of their claws.
Make sure to do your research before you make this decision! 
Call us at the Bregman Vet Hospital and talk to one of our veterinarians if you
have any questions. It’s an important decision to make and make sure you have
the full understanding before you get the procedure done.

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