Is Treating Your Pet for Ticks Life-Threatening?

There is so much information available to us at
our fingertips which makes it hard to filter what is true and what isn’t.  Everything about being a responsible pet
owner involves evaluating your unique situation and unique pet, and making
conscious decisions to best take care of your pet.  

After consulting many veterinarians, we have
concluded that there is no valid correlation between tick detections and
increased cancer rates. There for we
have concluded that using modern veterinary quality products present less of a
risk than the parasites they prevent, although every brand and method is
different containing different components. 
This makes it impossible to say that all methods do not have any
correlation to cancer.  

in our society today often spreads very quickly because of all the various
sources to advertise our ideas.  There
are various websites, blogs and chat rooms that support these ideas without any
real evidence often referencing each other as their sources. 
Overall the best way to ensure your pet’s
safety is by consulting a trusted veterinary professional.

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