Is Your Pet Overweight? Try a Pet Treadmill!


Whether a pet is overweight, injured or just lacks exercise,
taking them on a walk or letting them roam outside is pointless. If your pet
doesn’t enjoy getting exercise on its own, it should be forced to work out to
stay healthy, and that’s what the pet treadmill offers.
Veterinarians are now using a special water treadmill to help
cats and dogs rehabilitate and get them back to their proper health. Brittney
Barton, a veterinarian who is working on this project states: “It’s kind of like
a Cadillac. It’s a very specialized piece of equipment, so it has a very long
bed treadmill. We can adjust the speed. We can even kind of mix it up a bit and
put some exercise balls in and do some specialized exercises.”
During these sessions, patients can spend anywhere from
fifteen to forty minutes on the treadmill, all depending on the health of the
The treadmill seems to be working with most patients; mostly
every pet that has been exercising on this treadmill has been getting stronger
and fit. One of the patients, “Skinny the cat”, was rescued last year weighing
41 pounds, and since using the treadmill he has shed over 10 pounds of fat!

For more information on how to give your pet a healthy
lifestyle, please visit our Facebook page or call any of the Bregman Veterinary Group locations. 

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