It’s National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day!


You probably have a plan for your family in case of a natural disaster… but what about your pets?

It’s just as important to ensure that your pets will be safe and healthy in case of an emergency, and with hurricane season approaching fast, now is the time to get ready, and here’s how:

No pet left behind

If it’s not safe for you, it’s not safe for your pet. If you have to evacuate, ensure you bring them with you or find a suitable shelter or foster home for them until you can return home again. Ensure that whoever is looking after your pet is prepared to take on the responsibility, and provide them with a cheat sheet including feeding times, any medications required, and behavior issues, as well as your vet’s name and number.

Alert rescue workers that there are pets in your home

Just in case there’s an instance where your pet does get left behind, the ASPCA supplies free rescue alert stickers to advise rescue workers that there’s animals inside. Make sure you fill them out entirely, and place them on or near your front door for easy visibility. In case of an evacuation, if time permits, make sure you write EVACUATED on the sticker. You can order them for free here.

Prepare your disaster kit

Make sure you have a fully equipped disaster kit for your pets too, and store it close to your front door. It should include food, water, medications, photos of your pets, and sturdy leashes. The Humane Society has a printable PDF of everything your disaster kit should include right here on their website.

Practice makes perfect

Once you have your disaster plan in place, conduct a run through with your family to make sure that all of you (including the furry members) make it through safely.

Click here for more information on preparing for natural disasters in Nassau County, and click here for New York City.

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