June is Adopt-A-Cat Month


Photo Source – kitsuneeko

Springtime is the
beginning of kitten season.  This time of
year is a popular time for newborn kittens to find a home in local
shelters.  This also means that it’s a great
time to adopt your first cat.  Here are a
few things that you should consider before adopting a cat this June.

Cat Adoption Tips:
  • Room for Two – Cats need regular
    exercise, stimulation and social interaction.
    If you have the room, two cats can provide this for each other. 
  • Personality – Just like us, each cat
    has a unique personality.
      Cats with long
    hair tend to be more easygoing than lean cats with short hair.
      Consider working with the adoption center to
    find a cat that matches your own personality.
  • Vet Visit – Take any records you
    received from the adoption center with you to your first vet visit.
  • Cat-Proof Home – If you have never
    had a pet before, you may be accustomed to leaving food out on the
      However, your cat might jump on
    the counter to reach it.
      Hide electric
    cords and pick up any small objects that your kitten might accidently swallow.

For more tips on what you should
consider before adopting, visit the American
Humane Association website
.  We also
offer cat adoption tips at our office. 
Contact Bregman Vet Group with
any questions or concerns you have about cat adoption and caring for your new

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