Keep An Eye On Your Senior Cats Thyroid Condition

Feline hyperthyroidism is the number one disorder for aging
cats. If your cat is getting up there in age, please make sure you keep an eye
on this.
Hyperthyroidism is caused by an overactive thyroid gland. It
is so common in aging cats that standard wellness guidelines recommend
screening for this disorder annually once a cat turns seven years old
This disease can affect almost every organ in the cat’s
body. It increases metabolism which can cause weight loss despite an increase
in their appetite. Muscle and fat are practically burned away and if it isn’t
treated, it will be a wasting disease.
On the positive side, hyperthyroidism can be diagnosed with
an inexpensive, simple blood test. Once it is determined that this disease has
taken over your cat, it can be successfully managed.
Radioactive iodine therapy can be a permanent remedy for
hyperthyroidism. Another option can be to surgically remove the thyroid gland,
but can be tough for the car as they would need to be put under anesthesia. And
in recent months, a therapeutic diet has been developed by a major food
manufacturer to treat hyperthyroidism. The food is safe and effective, but cats
must stay on it forever and cannot have treats or other nibbles of food
As this disorder increases, more research is being done to
find ways to better understand what causes this disease. Also, indoor cats have
a higher risk of obtaining hyperthyroidism than cats that go outside.
If you have any issues or questions regarding
hyperthyroidism, please contact us at the Bregman Vet Group. We are here to
help you and make sure your pet stays healthy!

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