Keep Pets Out Of The Emergency Room This Holiday Season With These Tips!


You are aware that feeding your pet people food can have messy consequences, but who can resist those hopeful eyes?  So you give your pet a little taste of your delicious holiday meal.  One bite turns into five, and before you know it you’ve shared half a plate of turkey with your furry friend.  

Unfortunately our pets become accustomed to a certain diet and the addition of such people food inevitably messes with their digestive systems.  As a result, they often get sick.  To prevent your pet from such unpleasantness, and to avoid a costly trip to the vet, check out these holiday tips courtesy of

“Keep Out Of Reach Of Pets”: Survey your home for any off-limit items that may be accessible to your pet.  Move them to a higher location that will be out of their reach.

“Practice Makes Perfect”: Now is the perfect time to brush up on some of those obedience rules you learned but were never quite dedicated to using! 

“Pet Zone”: Designate an area of the home for your pet and fill it with a comfortable bed and some toys to keep them entertained. 

“No Means No”: Make sure you alert your guests that feeding your pet is off limits! And when they stare at you with those puppy-dog eyes, say “no” and look away!

“Accidents Happen”: Despite all your efforts, pets just have a knack for finding and consuming items that are off-limits. Accidents happen! Immediately noticing a change in your pet is key.  If they seem to be acting unusual, get them checked out.  It’s better to be safe, than sorry! 

For more information on handling pets during the holidays, visit  Don’t forget to call Bregman Vet Group to schedule your pets next appointment! 

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