Keep Those Tackle Boxes Closed!

With the warm weather here, the avid fishermen are out and
about trying to catch the biggest fish they can, and ultimately cook it for
dinner. But there are some toys that fisherman keep in their tackle boxes that
can attract dogs and cats, and that’s not the type of fish they are trying to
The site of the shining and sparkling lures can catch the
eyes of any animals, but with cats especially, it could be very dangerous.
In one story, by Pete Keesling, his neighbor was outside in
the backyard practicing his casting when his cat caught site of the shining
lure in the sunlight, and went after it. The conclusion? Some sedation and wire
cutters, and the lure was taken out of the kitty’s lip.
Be sure that your pets are away from dangerous things like
these, and make sure they your tackle boxes or anything that you have outside
or in the house are locked up and secured as freak accidents like this happen
and you don’t want to bring your pet to the veterinarian’s office with this
type of injury.
If you have any questions about dangerous items that you
think your pet could get a handle on and hurt themselves, feel free to call us
at one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals and we can let you know the danger of it. 

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