Keep You Pet Safe in the Warm Weather!

The warm weather is almost upon us, so as a pet owner, you
should be prepared and aware of what you’re doing to keep your pet safe at all
For example, if you are taking your dog for a ride in the
car, make sure you don’t leave them in the car, even if you just have to run
into a store for a minute or two. Since the inside of the car can hit very warm
temperatures, it could cause pets to get heat stroke. Signs of heat stroke in
your dog are panting and not being able to calm down. If you think they may
have heat stroke, cool it down by wetting them down and make sure you contact
your veterinarian as this could cause organ dysfunction and damage
Also, opening those doors and windows to let that fresh air
in could be dangerous as well. This can sometimes allow pets to get outside,
which increases the risk of being hit by a vehicle or coming across materials
that can be poisonous. Call your local veterinarian’s office if you think your
pet has ingested something dangerous.
 Lastly, some strong
storms and rain could accompany this warm weather. Make sure you have an
emergency kit with you, which should include leashes, food, drinking water,
bowls, medications and copies of medical records, and a current photo of the
pet for identification purposes. 
April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month and it’s a great time
to review the Red Cross Pets and Disaster Safety Checklist at
If you have any questions or concerns about any of your pets
safety needs during the warmer months, please contact us at one of the Bregman
Vet Hospitals so we can keep you abreast of any additional safety items you may

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