Keep Your Dog Parasite-Free

Once a dog is adopted into your family, they are just like
your children. They go everywhere you go – vacations, long trips to see family,
a trip to the store. But just as you have to look after germs for your own
children and make sure their hands are clean, you definitely want to keep your
dog free of parasites.
You should always keep an eye on your dog and monitor for
any changes in behavior, appetite or water consumption. Also, make sure that
you take your regular visits to see Dr. Bregman and his great staff at all of
the Bregman Vet Hospitals. Your pet’s doctor can diagnose and treat parasites
and other problems that could not only affect your dog, but your family’s
health as well.
It is fairly common for a dog to become infected with an
internal or external parasite at some point in its lifetime. Parasites can
affect your dog in a variety of ways, ranging from simple irritation to causing
life-threatening conditions if left untreated. Some parasites can infect and
transit diseases to people (
Protect your dog and family by following the advice of your
veterinarian and having your dog tested annually. This will ensure that
everyone in your family – pets and humans – will all stay healthy and
Don’t forget to call us and make an appointment so we can
check to see if your pet is free of parasite and healthy as can be!

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