Keep Your Pet From Overeating During the Holidays


Eating healthy is tough during most of the year – but especially during the holidays!  Your pets are no different.  These tips will help you keep your pets fit and healthy through the holiday season.

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain:

  • Go For A Walk –Take frequent walks with your pet through the holiday season.  Not only is this a great way to get outside and some fresh air, but it will help your pet burn a few extra calories.
  • Play a Game – Play a game of catch with your dog or user a laser pointer to entertain your cat.  These activities add up each day and are a great way to stay in shape.
  • Read Labels – There are plenty of pet-friendly treats out there, but be sure to read the calories.  Some dog or cat cookies might look festive but will be a significant amount of calories.  Be sure to make sure that if you do feed your pet a treat, that you adjust their daily calorie intake accordingly.
  • Avoid Table Scraps – It’s tempting to slip your dog a few table scraps, especially during holiday dinners.  However, you’ll want to make sure that these foods are safe for your pets.  If you do end up sharing some holiday foods, keep the portions small.

If you are having trouble with your pet’s weight gain, contact one of our offices.  We can help you set up a healthy diet plan that gets your pet back on the right track.  

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