Keep your Pet Safe this Halloween and Avoid These Dangers!

fun as Halloween is for people, especially children, it’s actually a pretty
dangerous time for pets! Veterinary and emergency centers see a 12% increase in
calls during the Halloween holiday. Below are a few tips for keeping your
animals safe.
Candy is not for pets.
fact, a lot of candies can even be lethal your pet, especially dark chocolate.
Some other candies that are dangerous include candy corn and other high-sugar
candies, candy with wrappers, hard candies, and sugar-free gum. But remember,
that all candies are made for humans, not pets, so be sure to keep your candy
somewhere pets cannot get to it.
Prepare Trick-or-Treaters!
your pet does not do well with strangers, consider keeping them in another room
if you plan to give out candy. If you do not want to keep your pet away, you
might consider leaving a bowl of candy outside with a note that says “Take 1”.
Never leave your pet outside on Halloween as this is a big night for
“pranksters” and there have been instances of harm caused to pets left out on
Black Cats on Halloween are at Greater
your outdoor cat (especially black cats) a few days before and after Halloween
by keeping them inside. Due to their ties to urban-legends like witchcraft,
they are at a high risk to cruelty-related incidents during the month of
Keep Lit Pumpkins and other Decorations
Away from Pets
pet can catch fire or burn easily near a candle pumpkin or knock it over,
causing a fire. Other decorations might be electrical or made of glass that
could cause serious injury to your pet.
Think Twice about Costumes
you know your pet will enjoy being dressed in a costume, you may instead
consider a festive bandana or collar. Many costumes can be choking hazard or
cause discomfort to your pet. Be sure the costume does not restrict their
movement, hearing, ability to breathe, or bark/meow and be sure the fabric does
not cause irritation.


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