Keep Your Pets Warm and Safe this Holiday Season


The cold and snow this season can harm your pets. It is essential to keep your pet warm and safe from the frigidness of winter. ABC Action News has great tips to help your pet from falling ill.

Keep your pet indoors this winter, if you have a neighbor who keeps their pet outdoors persuade them to bring the pet in. Pets are easily susceptible to frostbite mostly on the paws, ears, and tail.

If you do keep your pet outside make sure they have proper warm shelter to keep them from getting sick. The weather can lead to hypothermia. Straw can keep a doghouse warm as well as elevating the house off the ground.

Always provide water for your outdoor pets and make sure it does not freeze. Snow is not good enough to hydrate pets. Providing extra food this season will help build body fat to keep your pet warm. Ice melting salt can harm and irritate your pet’s paws.

Some symptoms of hypothermia in dogs include excessive shaking, shallow and slow breathing, slow heart rate, tiredness and muscle stiffness. In some cases a dogs eyes can dilate and their gums can turn pale. In a serious case of hypothermia your dog could potentially fall into a coma. Immediate care is needed to save your pet from hypothermia. If the temperature is too low to restore, hypothermia will become fatal. (ABC Action News)

If you are too cold to be outside then your pet is too. If you see a pet in need and not properly taken care of this winter, be the voice for that pet. Notify the pet’s owner about the damages of the winter.

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