Keeping Pets Active Can Benefit Both Pet and Owner!

Over 73 million U.S. households in America own a pet, this equates to about 6 in 10
Americans owning some type of pet, a number that seems to be growing each
  Among them, 73 percent own dogs
and 49 percent own cats, with an obvious overlap.

Experts agree that taking your pets out and
helping them maintain a healthy weight is essential to a longer and healthier life for your pet.
 “The popularity of extreme sports is not
only rising for humans, but pets seem to want to get in on the action
too,” said Dani Deblasi, general manager of the Petco in 
Totowa. “There’s a barrage of ways for pet owners
to get active with their pooch and we offer suggestions on how to have fun in
the sun and keeping pets safe from the hot weather.”  

It seems that more and more people are
teaching their dogs to ride a skateboard, which is a cool new way to exercise
your pet, but Deblasi suggests putting mesh booties on their paws to protect
them from the concrete.  During the hot summer
it is always fun to get in the water and take a ride on a boat.  This can be fun for your pet as well,
although we suggest letting them get acquainted with the territory while docked
and keeping the first outing short.  For
pets that prefer to stay on dry land, Hydro Collection toys are a great way to
entertain them while keeping them hydrated.  

Dog friendly beaches are easy to find and many dogs enjoy the freedom of
running in and out of the surf or playing Frisbee with their owner.  It is a good idea to bathe your pet after
they spend the day in the water because dirt, chemicals and other pollutants
can make a dog sick, especially if they lick their paws or skin.  “In addition, many surf-dog competitions
are popping up on the west and east coasts, dogs everywhere are hanging
10,” she noted. “If pets are accompanying the family on a surf and
sand trip, make sure to familiarize dogs with the ocean in shallow water first.
Keep dogs safe by making sure they are wearing a life vest made for pets. 

always important that owners keep a close eye on pets in the ocean. The strong
currents and waves can be dangerous for pets. Also pets need sunscreen just as
much as their human counterparts but any sunscreen used should be labeled for
use on pets.”  So get out on a
beautiful day and exercise with your pet, it is a good way to keep you and your
pet happy and healthy. 

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