Keeping Your Pet Calm During Heartworm Treatment

Image Source: Flickr/hebdromadaires
Is your pet undergoing treatment for heartworm?  As restless as your pet may get, exercise and
activities that would elevate your dog’s heart rate are off limits.  Here are a few tips to help your dog stay
quiet and calm during treatment.
  • Stay Indoors – It is a good idea to
    keep your pet indoors or in a kennel through most of the treatment.
      When your pet needs to go outside, keep the
    leash on so that a sudden encounter doesn’t send him running.
  • Companionship – Make sure that you
    replace activity with affection.
    your pet close by at home and give them extra attention.
  • Quiet Playtime – Making mealtimes
    last longer with feeding toys or puzzle feeders can let your dog quietly play
    for hour without increasing his or her blood pressure.
      You can also try safe chew toys to help keep
    them from getting bored.
  • Training – Learning new tricks is a
    great way to eliminate boredom and keep the body rested.
      Try a game of stationary catch or train your
    pet to follow quiet commands.

Keeping your pet calm is essential to killing the heartworms
and restoring your dog’s health.  Visit the American Heartworm Society to learn more about how to battle boredom.  If you
have any questions about heartworm treatment, contact Bregman Vet Group.  We are happy to answer any questions you have
regarding your pet’s health.

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