Keeping Your Pets Fit


It is important to
promote positive lifestyle for your pet. 
Cats and dogs are both prone to becoming overweight without exercise and
a healthy diet.  Here are a few tips to
help you improve your pet’s fitness and avoid obesity.

Pet Health Tips:
  • Spend Time Outdoors – Now that the
    weather is warm, you can take your pets for a walk or let them play
    outside.  Running, jumping and chasing are
    natural ways to get your dog energized.  There
    are plenty of outdoor enclosures available that allow cats to run, roam, and
    pounce outside too!
  • Consistent Exercise – A moderate
    level of exercise each day is ideal for a fit and healthy pet.  Keep toys handy to keep your dog or cat
    energized for a play session, whether indoors or outdoors.
  • Portion Control – Feed your pet
    using a designated measuring cup.  This
    is a great way to make sure you know exactly how much food they are consuming
    each day.  This can keep you from over feeding
    your pet, especially as your pet ages.

If you are concerned about your
pet’s fitness and nutrition, we encourage you to contact our office.  The experienced veterinarians at Bregman Vet Group can provide you
with advice for your pet’s individual needs.

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