Labor Day Pet Safety Tips

Happy Labor Day!  Will you be spending time with your family
and pets today?  Keep these pet safety
tips in mind as you celebrate!
Safety Tips:
  • Keep Gates Closed – Guests might not
    be as careful about closing doors and gates.
    It can be easy to overlook that your pet has gotten out.  Keep an eye on your pet and make sure that
    they are wearing a collar with ID or even a microchip.
  • Avoid Food Dangers – Let your guests
    know to not give your pet any food without permission.
      Keep an eye on the trash, too.  Leftover fat from meat, strings from roasts,
    left over bones and corn on the cob can be harmful for your pet.
      Even a mild upset stomach can cause vomiting
    and diarrhea.
  • Keep Purses Out of Reach – A guest’s
    purse may contain prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, candies, or
    even gum sweetened with xylitol.
    can be toxic to your pet.
  • Keep Pets Cool – Labor Day can still
    be a hot holiday.
      Don’t leave pets in
    the car and watch for signs of overheating.

For more tips on how you
can keep your pets safe this Labor Day, read this article from the Huffington Post.  If you do experience any pet health problems,
you can always contact Bregman Vet Group for all of your pet’s needs.

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