Lazy Pets Are Putting on Weight

Some pets that you see lying around the house all day are
very overweight and are eating too much food with no enough exercise. More than
one in seven cats and dogs in the state of Ohio are obese or overweight,
according to a new report.
 Pets that pack on the
pounds are more likely to develop debilitating medical conditions that can
reduce their quality of life and result in hefty veterinarian bills for owners
According to experts on this issue, pet owners should learn
to recognize the signs of animal obesity and help their pets get healthier
through better eating habits and a lot more exercise.
Some owners gave their pets table scraps and without the proper
exercise, the pounds can really add up. Pets that are obese have a greater
chance of having arthritis, kidney disease and cancer, and these diseases can
significantly shorten their life span.
Frequent trips to the vet, although checkups are always a mainstay,
can become more costly if your pet is overweight as testing needs to be done,
and that can really put a dent in your wallet. Pet prescriptions can also
become very pricey, over a period of time.
Take your pet for a walk every day when you get home from
work, or once you wake up in the morning. Not only will it benefit your pet,
but it will also benefit you as well.
If you feel that your pet is too overweight or obese and
need to see a doctor, call us at one of our Bregman Vet Hospitals and we can schedule
an appointment to see your pet.

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