Learn to Pet-itate!

meditation (pet-itation) can help you to develop your relationship with your animals while simultaneously improving your own mindfulness. Anyone who has
days where they allow their stress to come home to their family and pets can
use the practice, and any pet who suffers from anxiety or behavioral issues
will benefit.
  Over time and with
consistent routine, pet-itation will improve the behavior and emotional well-being
of everyone involved.

are some suggestions for getting started:

a Time

is best to “pet-itate” when everyone is already relatively calm. A good time
would be when you and your animals are winding down for the evening. It would
be difficult to successfully practice when they are hyper and excited about the
day ahead, but you know your pets and everyone is different.

a Place

a quiet and comfortable spot to relax with your pets. Meditation is most
enjoyable when everyone is comfortable. Don’t try to control what your animals
do once you begin, just let them move around and focus on your own breathing
while they get comfortable.

a Routine

anything, the more you practice, the more successful you become and the more
you will notice results. The best thing you can do for yourself and your pets
is to form a daily habit.


you try to pet-itate for more than a few minutes at first, you and your pets
might get frustrated or bored. You’ll get there eventually, but start small and
build your way there. If it isn’t working, you shouldn’t force it. Walk away
and try again the next day.

Think about the long-term benefits for you and
your pet’s physical and emotional well-being. Doing this activity together will
build an unbreakable bond between you and your pet and it will help with
managing stress and anxiety for both parties. The most important thing is to
have fun and appreciate the sense of calm and stability that this practice will
bring into your pet’s life.

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