Looking to Shed a Few Pounds? Get a Dog!

Are you looking for a workout buddy? Someone you can rely on to always be ready to go for a walk or jog, who won’t get bored of the workouts and someone to keep you motivated? Get a dog!  
A recent article published MSNBC pointed out the health and fitness benefits associated with being a dog owner. 
“Studies show dog owners walk more, walk faster and are more likely to enjoy an active lifestyle because of their companion animal.”
Dr. Sandra McCune, co-editor of the book, “The Health Benefits of Dog Walking for People and Pets,” said she is fascinated by what a “great motivator dogs can be.” Lack of motivation is at the top of the long list of reasons why people stop exercising. 
The article stated, “Dogs are the reason behind two-thirds, 66 percent, of the walks their owners take each week, according to a recent survey of more than 1,011 adults commissioned by pet food company Mars Petcare.” 
Having a dog will hold you accountable for keeping exercise in your daily routine. Whether it’s raining, snowing, freezing or hot, your dog needs to be walked which means you will be out there alongside him.
To help keep you and your dog active, this fall YMCA’s in several US cities are hosting their version of “dog days” called “The Power of Pets” which includes programs like dog runs/walks, dog yoga and other dog fair activities. “Families with dogs tend to be more active,” said Katy Leclair, executive director of the Lake View, Illinois YMCA. 
Dogs are the best workout partners, offering energy, enthusiasm and the social support so crucial to sticking with an exercise program. So, if you’re looking to take a few inches off your waist, or live a more active lifestyle, get a dog!

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