Make Sure Your Garden is Pet-Safe!

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and it’s time to
get outside to take care of that yard that has endured a long winter. If you
have pets that like to roam around outdoors, make sure you take the necessary
precautions to prevent them from getting sick.
If you are going to be putting down mulch, steer away from
the cocoa mulch. This can be toxic if ingested because it contains caffeine and
theobromine, which is a trigger for diarrhea, vomiting, elevated heart rates and
seizures. Go with the pine or hardwood mulch instead.
Insecticides and herbicides can cause problems as well.
Research on phenoxy-type herbicides shows they increase the chance of animals
getting cancer. Nonphenoxy herbicides, such as Roundup, do not increase cancer
risk, (
There are also many plants that are toxic to plants,
including daffodils, hibiscus, lilies and tulips. For a complete list of
pet-safe garden plants, visit the Animal Poison Control Center at
For all of you cat lovers and owners out there, don’t forget
to plant catnip, cat thyme and cat grass.
If you have any questions about certain plants that you are
not sure of, be sure to contact us at the Bregman Vet Hospitals and we’ll
answer all of the questions you have.

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