Man’s Best Friend Big Help During War

Nowadays, dogs are trained in
various ways. They can be trained to speak, be obedient, sniff out cancer, and for the military, sniff out bombs.
This helps save many of our heroes’ lives.
Trained military dogs have played a
vital role in Afghanistan. They can sniff out dozens of explosives, and even as
troops draw down there, many in the military-dog world expect the canine teams
to deploy steadily to the end of U.S. involvement (
These trained dogs have been used during battle for protection, attack
and sentry duty. They have also been messengers, sled pullers and deliverers of
first aid supplies. Today, there are about 600 dogs in war zones that are
aiding our troops and keeping them safe. The teams of these military dogs are
attributed with finding over 12,500 pounds of explosives in 2010, in which
there are estimates that say each dog has saved over a thousand lives. 
The United States pays anywhere between $3,000 and $4,500 to train
each of these canines individually. Some dogs pass the program’s standards, but
others get scared easily when it comes to the fear of gunfire or other
behavioral problems. 
The soldiers that are the handlers of these dogs also train if their
dog is injured. Just like in a war, they would carry their canine friends to a
safe location until help is on the way. 
If your dog gets injured playing, just like these trained dogs do,
please contact us at the Bregman Vet Group and we’ll see that your dog is
getting better by the day!

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