Meet Kojak, an Agriculture-Sniffing Dog

Kojak is an agriculture-sniffing dog with the US Department of Agriculture. Last week he was in San Joaquin County because “the potentially harmful Oritental fruit fly was detected in September in south Lodi and north Stockton,” (LodiNews). The fly is potentially harmful to agriculture such as tomatoes, cherries and bell peppers.
Kojak is one of 13 dogs in California “trained to sniff out and mark incoming parcels that contain fruit, vegetables and other plan matter to prevents pests from invading local agriculture,” (LodiNews). 
The only state to use agriculture-sniffing dogs to detect potentially harmful incoming packages is California. In 2009, “the dog teams intercepted more than 39,000 packages,” (LodiNews). 
According to Tom Doud, senior agricultural biologists, said Kojak monitors more than 5,000 packages per day, (LodiNews). 
For more information on Kojak, and to read the full article published by, click HERE.

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