Meet Our Team: Getting to Know Robin Sturtz


Meet Robin Sturtz, DVM, Associate Veterinarian at The Cat Hospital in Williston Park! Through this brief interview, we invite you to learn more about Robin Sturtz, DVM, and what makes her so passionate about caring for your pets!

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I was born in Brooklyn, and grew up on Long Island.  As a child, I had many ideas about my future. I wanted to be: an astronomer, an astronaut, a foreign language interpreter, and a writer (in that approximate order). I took a college class in speech pathology that I loved, and so I majored in Speech and Hearing.

When did you first decide you wanted to be in the Veterinary field?
My first profession was Audiology. I was a clinical audiologist for twenty years, with a specialty in pediatrics. I enjoyed this profession. However, I became more interested in medicine as I went on, and began to reconsider my career path. This was enhanced by my experiences with a wonderful dog whose considerable medical needs provided a real learning experience.

When I saw that there was a course in veterinary science offered at Mercy College, I decided to take it. What I found was that I loved it, and I took more pre-veterinary courses. Before I knew it, I was applying to veterinary school.

From where did you get your degree? / From where did you receive your training?

I got my DVM degree from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004 (as well as a Certificate in International Veterinary Medicine). I came back to New York once I graduated, and saw an advertisement for a veterinarian in a feline practice. That ad brought me to the Bregman Veterinary Group, and The Cat Hospital. I’ve been at The Cat Hospital ever since I graduated. I have done some teaching, and have written a textbook on veterinary anatomy and physiology. However, The Cat Hospital has always been where my heart is.

What is your most memorable experience on the job?
In my ten years with the Bregman Veterinary Group, I have had many remarkable experiences. One of my first patients was brought in by her frantic family who thought she had a tumor; the “tumor” turned out to be a knot of hair. It was easily removed, and I had my first cure! Other cases have been more complicated. They have ranged from nursing a very sick eight-week-old kitten back to health, to supporting the family of a twenty two-year-old cat who was terminally ill. The environment of compassion for our clients and our patients is crucial to our practice, and it is tremendously rewarding. The ability to serve, no matter the outcome, is very special.

What do you do for fun?
I am very fortunate to be in a profession I love, surrounded by people who are fantastic to work with. When I do get some free time, I love to read (science fiction, biography, history). I go to the gym every so often. And I am the servant of two cats, Oscar and Kira. (When I come back in the next life, I’m coming back as one of my cats; that’s the lifestyle to which I’d like to become accustomed!)

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