Meet Our Team: Getting to Know Sam Shamblin


Meet Sam Shamblin, the Office Manager of Paws and Claws and 5th Avenue Cat Clinic!

Sam is a valuable member of our team and has worked with us for over two years!  She is a hard worker and she keeps our practice running smoothly.  We are thrilled to have her at Bregman Vet Group.

Originally from Fredericksburg, VA, Sam attended Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) before deciding to take a break from school to move here to New York.  We are happy that she did!  

Sam explains, “growing up we never took our pets to the vet, so when I got the job here I took on a whole new appreciation for what went on behind the scenes for all these animals and learned how to help give them a healthy and happy life.”

When asked what her most memorable experience was on the job, Sam recalled participating in a photo shoot for Bank of America.

“Dr. Bregman and I got to feel like models for the day.  My pug was even in the shoot. :)”

When she’s not on the job, Sam expresses her creative side.  She loves crafts and is even taking a pottery class!  On Saturday nights, you might find her relaxing at home, watching a movie with a big plate of pasta.

Call to learn more about how Sam Shamblin and the Bregman Vet Group can help your pet stay happy and healthy!  

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