Meet Ray Charles, The Coolest Pup In The Game!


This is an inspiring story of a young golden retriever puppy
that a breeder was going to euthanize, until a family decided to adopt him!
This family quickly discovered that this puppy was just as cool as the man he
was named after!

Ray Charles, the six
month old golden retriever puppy has become a bit of an internet celebrity
these days.
  Every celebrity needs a bio
and so does puppy Ray.
  He was born on
December 8
th, the only male in his three puppy litter.  The breeder became concerned; as he grew he
did not run and play with his sisters, so he was taken to the vet where they
learned that he was blind.
  The breeder
didn’t expect to find a home for the little disabled puppy and considered
putting him down.
  When a lover of golden
retrievers named Andrew Fales heard about the pup he named him Ray Charles and
took him home to live with his other three golden retrievers.
  Fales, curious about what caused the pup’s
blindness, took him to an animal hospital and found that Ray’s eyes functioned
perfectly but there was a disconnection between the dog’s eyes and brain, which
prevented sight.
  Ray has learned to deal
with his disability and no longer lets it slow him down.
  Fales says that he runs jumps and plays with
his canine siblings and is always there to greet him at the door when he comes
  Ray has developed quite a
personality, letting Fales dress him up in hats, sunglasses and even pajamas,
which along with his story has helped him to become an internet sensation with
more than 64,000 Facebook likes.

The young puppy may never achieved the fame of the original
Ray Charles, but according to his Facebook page, “I believe I was born the way
I was so that I could help inspire others who are born with physical/mental
disabilities to always live their lives to the fullest and do as much as they
can with what they are given.”  Ray is a
happy and inspirational little puppy, that 
hasn’t let his hardships stand in
the way of his success. 

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