Meet Wasabi-Chan & Find out What to Do in This Situation


Image courtesy of  @SHIMEJIWASABI on Instagram

Perhaps you’ve seen this image of
the tiny kitty named Wasabi-Chan circling the internet. As cute as she looks in
her little ‘purrito’ costume, maybe you didn’t know that her stylish getup was
created by her rescuer in order to save her life after a crow attack in June.

Her rescuer brought her to an
animal hospital and upon learning her injuries, developed these costumes to
prevent her from removing her feeding tube so she could receive the
necessary nutrition to heal. Don’t worry – she’s made a speedy recovery!  

So what happens if you find an
injured animal or if your own pet gets hurt? See below for the ASPCA‘s

  • Bring the
    injured animal to your local animal hospital or vet. You can also dial 311 (for
    NY 5 boroughs) to contact Animal Care and Control
  • If your
    pet is injured, contact your vet or 24 hour emergency animal hospital. Most
    emergencies require immediate veterinary care – but first aid methods can help
    you stabilize your pet for transportation, such as:
  • If your
    dog/cat is suffering from external bleeding due to trauma, try elevating and
    applying pressure to the wound.
  • If your
    dog/cat is choking, place your fingers in his mouth to see if you can remove
    the blockage.
  • If you’re
    unable to remove the foreign object, perform a modified Heimlich maneuver by
    giving a sharp rap, which should dislodge the object, to his chest.
  • If you
    suspect your pet has ingested a toxic substance, please call your veterinarian
    or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center’s 24-hour hotline at

Still unsure of what to
do in case of future emergencies? Contact us today to discuss your
emergency plan for your pets at

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