Memorial Day Tips for Healthy Pets


Are you planning to celebrate Memorial Day outdoors this weekend?  These prep tips will help your pets enjoy a happy and healthy Memorial Day BBQ too!

Pet Prep Tips:

  • Keep Picnic Baskets Secure – If you are planning a weekend picnic, be sure to keep baskets, coolers, and containers closed.  Many picnic foods – grapes, raisins, candies, mints – are poisonous to pets.
  • Avoid Table Scraps – Similarly, you should also avoid giving your pet table scraps. Certain foods like corn on the cob and peach pits can get stuck in the intestines, while BBQ ribs and other meats can have bones that are dangerous for your pet to eat.
  • Stay Hydrated and Cool – Memorial Day is often a beautiful, hot day.  Make sure that your pet stays hydrated and has as place to stay cool.  Other than panting and drinking water, pets don’t have another means of cooling themselves down – so it’s important that you provide them with shade!
  • Keep Fireworks Away – While fireworks can put on a beautiful display, they can be terrifying to pets.  The loud noises and bright lights can make your pet nervous enough to jump the fence.  Keep pets indoors and provide them with a safe place to hide from the fireworks.

Check out this article for pet care tips that will help your furry friend stay healthy through the holiday weekend.

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