Microchips: Only as Good as the Information You Give

One of the newest trends in pet
ownership is the microchip.  This is a
chip no bigger than a grain of rice that is implanted in your pet and
programmed with the information you choose. 
These chips are the best way to locate a missing pet.  Often times, people forget to register the
chip or update the contact information. 
Chipping your pet is very easy and reasonably priced. 
Many breeders, adoption
organizations and shelters are beginning to do it automatically and adding it
on to the adoption fee.  Typically it
costs between $40 – $50 and registration fee varies with the chip some don’t
charge at all.  Around one in four dogs
have these chips while cats are half as likely. 
Many people believe themselves to be responsible pet owners and don’t
see the need, but the truth is accidents happen and pets do get loose and
lost.  When the pets do escape they are
often found by people who cannot contact the rightful owners.  If they have the microchip the local vet or
animal control officer will use a handheld scanner to get the information. 

One of the most common
misunderstandings about the chip is that it works like GPS, which is not
true.   The pet still needs to be found
by someone and brought to the proper place. 
After our pets our found this is the best way to get them back to their
rightful owner.  All pet owners should
consider chipping their pets and taking precautions to keep them safe, because
the truth is accidents happen.  In the
event that your pet gets lost, give them the best chance to get back home, get your pet a microchip today

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