Mistyhollow Motel – a Place for Pampered Pets in NJ

Mistyhollow Motel for Pampered Pets owner Vene Snyder has
her own business, and it’s very unique. Being a pet owner herself, she has
operated this motel for more than 30 years.
Starting in 1978, she considered this a hobby or something
to do in her spare time. She would take in stray cats and dogs and the her
facility constructed with the animals’ best interests: a breezy, tree-covered
lot with a path through the woods for taking walks, three fenced-in play areas
and 26 indoor-outdoor runs for dogs, each with a sleeping area and a private
run. There are also separate facilities and play areas for cats (http://goo.gl/OOMnt).
Mistyhollow offers a number of different services, which includes
grooming and bathing, day care and boarding for all breeds of dogs and cats.
She has three members on her staff that assist her on a daily basis.
Being just outside of Newark, NJ, she believes it’s an ideal
facility for pets because it’s quiet and a perfect place for dogs and cats to
get out there, play and run around.
If you have any questions or concerns about boarding your
pet, call us at one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals and we can discuss any issues
you may have.

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