More Information About Our CO2 Lasers

The most commonly used surgical laser used in soft tissue
surgery is the CO2 laser. The laser wavelength (10.6 micrometers) is highly
absorbed by water contained in the soft tissues. Because of its outstanding
versatility and precision, CO2 surgical laser is the most efficient and
dominant soft tissue surgical laser since the 1960’s. Laser surgery is widely
practiced in a variety of applications in humans, as well as veterinary
surgical fields.
There are some benefits to your pets having laser surgery.
For one, there is less bleeding. As it cuts, the laser seals small blood
vessels. This reduces the bleeding and enables a number of new surgical
procedures that are not practical with a conventional scalpel. It is also less
painful, there is a reduced risk of infection and a quicker recovery time.
Some benefits for surgeons using this laser treatment are
that it improves many procedures by making them simpler and reducing risk.
Also, with the enhanced visibility of the surgical field, it results in a much
clearer and drier surgical site. It increases the veterinarian’s precision and
control, and there is a reduction in surgery time.
If you have any questions or comments about our LaserSurgeries, please give us a call and we can walk you through it.

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