Must-Know Emergency Fire Safety For Your Pets

July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day, the best way
to celebrate is to be prepared! Here are some tips to avoid an issue and what
to do in the case of an emergency.

1. Pet-proof your house.
Keep things out of reach of your pet such as flammable
items and electrical wires.

2. Make sure your smoke alarms are working
Replace the batteries regularly and educate your family
on fire safety. Each bedroom in your house should have a smoke alarm in it at
all times.

3. Check that your pet is microchipped and is
wearing a collar with updated information.
This way your pet has a way of being returned to you in
case you get separated from them during a fire. Make sure if you move or change
your contact information you update your pet’s collars.

4. Never leave your pet alone around an open
If you have a high energy pet it might be best to avoid
lighting candles. Absolutely never leave an open flame unattended.

5. Get a rescue alert sticker.
This is to alert a rescue worker that there may be a pet
in the home. Be sure to place it on a front-facing window where it can visibly
be seen. They can be obtained online at or on Amazon.
Some pet stores and non-profit humane organizations offer these stickers for
free. If there is ever an emergency, be sure to alert firefighters that a pet
is inside.
If you cannot find your pet during an emergency situation
and need to evacuate, leave a door open that leads to the outside. Once outside
you can then call your pets name, this tends to work better with dogs than with
In case of an emergency call 911 or your local emergency
Nassau County Emergency Management (516)573-0636
Nassau County Fire Commission (516)573-9900
Orlando Office of Emergency Management (321)235-5438
Orlando Fire Safety Management/Fire Inspectors
New York Emergency Management (212)639-9675

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