Nakio the “Bionic Dog” Is The First Canine to Walk on Four Prosthetic Paws!


Nakio, a
mixed-breed dog is becoming famous rather quickly for becoming the first canine
to receive four artificial limbs! Nakio was rescued as a puppy from an
abandoned home in Nebraska during the winter.

He was found
in terrible conditions which included being frozen in a puddle in the home of
the basement. He was malnourished and was experiencing frostbite. When found,
veterinarians worked extremely hard to nurse Nakio back to health. However, he
lost all four of his paws, the tip of his tail and a piece of his nose to

Nakio is
being referred to as the “bionic dog” and gets around using his prosthetic paws
extremely well!  To continue reading
about Nakio and his amazing story, CLICK HERE!

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