National Animal Disaster Preparedness

Preparing for a natural disaster is never an easy task, especially when you have a family that includes pets. As storm season approaches we would like to take this time to help you with disaster preparedness. Preparing earlier, rather than later can ensure you have all the necessary items needed for proper care during a time of disaster.


One of the biggest issues when dealing with a disaster situation is running out of pet food. It is extremely important to ensure you have enough pet food stocked up and ready prior to a natural disaster. Ensure you have enough water and dry food put away to last up to 10 days for your pet.


Another area pet owners need to do a check up on is additional supplies. If at some point you are required to evacuate you will want to ensure these items are readily available. Items to include in your emergency supplies include

  • Extra copies of veterinary records
  • Extra collars 
  • Extra leashes
  • Extra sanitation bags
  • Bedding
  • Toys
  • Disinfectants


If you do end up having to evacuate your home, be sure to have handy evacuation route maps and a list of places that are pet-friendly shelters. You should also know of pet-friendly hotels or family members that could possibly take your pet for short time if needed.

Post Disaster

Both human and pets can be greatly affected post-storm. Watch pets closely, monitoring for any changes in their attitude and behavior. When walking your pet be sure to leash them and keep them close by as drastic changes to their environment may confuse them.
Being disaster-ready takes planning and preparedness, but with the right steps, you can ensure both you and your pet are properly prepared. If you still have questions, talk with us to make certain you have taken the all the necessary steps to ensure the best and safest outcome for you and your pet.

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