National Train Your Dog Month


Although we get our pets with the best intentions, it’s not always easy to train a new puppy.  Every dog has a different temperament.  You might find that your dog is hyperactive, aggressive, shy or even nervous from past experiences.

While behavioral issues can be frustrating, it’s important that pet owners train their pets correctly, with long-term fixes rather than temporary solutions.

Here are a few dog training tips to help your puppy overcome a few of the most common behavior problems that pet parents face.

Dog Training Tips:

Watch Their Body Language
Get to know your dog and listen to his body language.  Don’t push your pet to do something that he is not comfortable doing.  If your dog looks uneasy when meeting a new animal or person, don’t force it.  Wait until a time where your new pet can meet your family and friends in a comfortable setting.

Keep Training Consistent
You want to make sure that you’re consistent with the message that you’re giving your pet.  Make sure that your whole family is on the same page with what you are telling you dog.  Inconsistencies can be confusing for your pet.

Have Realistic Expectations
Training your dog takes time.  Have realistic expectations about how long it will take your dog to learn new behaviors.  It can be hard to 
break habits (and instill new ones)!

Reward Your Pet
Using a treat to reinforce good behavior is great way to make your pet comfortable with adjusting their behavior.  Just make sure that you don’t over do it!  Keep an eye on the calories you’re giving your pet in between meals.

If you have any questions about your pet’s behavior, contact one of our offices below.  We can help you correct your pet’s behavioral issues and even recommend the right trainer for your puppy.

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