‘Need to Know’ Facts Before Purchasing a Cat


Often times when people consider adopting a pet, if they have a demanding schedule or other obligations, they tend to lean towards cats thinking they are less maintenance than a dog. 

While this may be generally true, have you ever stopped to think about how much work a cat really is?  If you’ve answered no, take a look at some of the below ‘need to know’ facts before making any commitments:

  • Cats are a lifelong obligation – they can live up to 20 or more years of age. You must be ready to supply food, water, and love to your feline companion for that length of time.
  • Prior to bringing your new pet home, be sure to have all the basic supplies such as food, water bowl, litter box, toys, etc. Cats are naturally curious animals so don’t forget to cat-proof your house before they start exploring! Small objects or strings will become your kitty’s new obsessions.
  • Introduce your cat to their litter box right away. Make sure they know where the box is located and refrain from moving the box after they establish the location. It’s important to clean the box at least twice a day to avoid a full, dirty litter box.
  • Decide on indoors or outdoors. Most cats don’t actually need to go outside; inside cats tend to live longer since they easily avoid diseases from other outdoor critters.
  • While cats are pretty self sufficient, they do still enjoy your company. Spend time at home and get to know your cat – you’ll start to learn when your kitty needs more attention than other times. Also, if you have any small children, introduce your cat to them and teach them how to properly hold and approach the cat.
  • Make sure you have the proper finances to care for your cat. Usually, the annual cost can range from $800 – $1,000. This includes medical costs, toys, food, and litter. If your cat gets sick or needs other medical attention, the medical cost will change depending on what the problem is.

We hope the above has helped in your future pet adopting decisions. Cats are great companions but like all pets require love and care. Should you plan on adding a cat to your household contact us to schedule your kitty’s first check up!

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