Neutering Your Dog: Behaviors That Indicate Its Time!

Neutering your dog is a popular topic of conversation these days. Figuring out if your dog should be neutered is an easy decision process to go through.
What kind of behaviors are typical in an unneutered male dog? An article published by The SeattleTimes answers that question, and others about neutering. A majority of unneutered dogs display undesirable behaviors. Although these behaviors vary in frequency and severity, the most common ones are urine markings, mounting, roaming and aggression towards other dogs. Intact male dogs have a much harder time “socializing with other dogs because of testosterone creating the drive to mate and sometimes dominate,” says Dr. Cherri Trusheim. 
According to the article, a study published by the Journal of the Veterinary Medical Association concluded that “castration reduced these unwanted behaviors in more than half of dogs, regardless of age or duration of undesirable behavior. This means that if a dog develops unwanted behavior from remaining intact, there is a good chance castration will lessen these behaviors.”
The primary health issue related to leaving a male dog intact is prostatic inflammation. Prostatic inflammation occurs in most older, intact male dogs and can develop into a bacterial infection that may make its way to the kidneys. This infection often goes undetected until it has caused significant damage.

There is NOT a specific age that a dog should not be neutered, although neutering a dog prior to sexual maturity and the development of undesirable behaviors will help avoid the unwanted behaviors altogether.
More than 4 million unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized in the US every year (The Seattle Times). Because of this, the most important reason to neuter is to control the pet population and prevent unwanted pregnancies.
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