Never Leave Pets In A Hot Car

The summer months are upon us and the heat waves are
beginning to take shape. There are pet owners who don’t like to leave their
dogs home alone, so they take them for a ride to the store or wherever they are
When they get to their destination, they crack the windows a
little for the dog to get air and head into the store. Although people think it
will be a few minutes, it normally takes a little longer than that.
However, no matter if it’s three minutes or ten minutes,
leaving your pet in your car in the summer heat is dangerous and irresponsible.
Yes, you can have your windows halfway down, but when the
sun is beating down on your car, especially if you have dark car seats, the
temperatures rise and could be very dangerous for your pet. They can experience
heat exhaustion and dehydration, and if serious enough, can cause organ failure
and possible death.
So do all pet lovers a favor – when you are headed to the
store when it is hot, leave your pet home in the air conditioning so they can
stay safe and cool. There have been many stories about pets being locked in
cars, and the stories don’t end well.
If you have any concerns about your pet having heat
exhaustion, please give us a call at one of the Bregman Vet Hospitals so we can
schedule an appointment and see your pet immediately.

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