New Social Network Site For…Pets?

Facebook and other social media websites are very well-known
around the world. It keeps friends connected with other friends, relatives and
old high school acquaintances. It couldn’t be possible for this to happen for
pets, could it?
A new social networking site,, was created by
life-long animal lover Vikki Thom who was seeking a way to connect with other
pet lovers, share tips and recommendations, and establish a pet-sitting
exchange (
“I’ve had dogs all my life,” said Thom, who was adopted from
China in the 1960s. “I was made fun of a lot and I just found that dogs gave me
the unconditional love I craved.”
After launching the website, Thom is now in the process of
signing up users. Eventually, she is hoping that she will be able to feature
advertising on the website.
The website generates conversations among pet owners and
lists local dog parks, animal shelters, free classified ads and a shopping mall
for small business-owners selling pet-related items, such as dog treats and
Check it out!

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