New Study Shows Dogs Respond Differently Based On Temperament


Having trouble getting your puppy to obey your commands?  It could have something to do with your dog’s personality, according to a recent study at Duke University Canine Cognition Center.  Altering the tone of your voice to compliment your pet’s personality could help improve their response!

According to the study, excitable pets (i.e. Jack Russells) respond well to commands that are said in a more monotone voice, where as laid back pets (i.e. Labs) might benefit from more urgency in your voice.  

During the study, they realized that dogs responded differently based on how they were spoken to.  They studied the way that a specific dog breed’s temperament played on the way that they responded to commands.

Read more about the recent study here!

If you’re still having difficulty with your pet, contact our office.  With an exam, we can help determine if there is a medical reason behind your pet’s behavioral issues, as well as give advice on how to move forward.

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