New Year’s Resolutions for Happy, Healthy Pets

The year is slowly coming to a close.  As we look back on all that happened in 2015, many pet owners will make resolutions – signifying a fresh start for the New Year.  

Don’t forget about your pets!

These New Year’s resolutions will make for a better year for you and your pets.

New Year’s Resolutions for Happy, Healthy Pets:
  • Consider Portion Sizes – Being healthy isn’t just a New Year’s resolution for pet owners, it’s good to keep in mind for your pets, too!  Measure your pet’s food every time that you pour it into the bowl to prevent overfeeding and weight gain.  You should also consider cutting back on table scraps and other high calorie treats and snacks.  When you do give your pet a treat, try to make sure that they are still consuming the correct amount of calories that day.
  • Try New Things – Who doesn’t want to try new things in the New Year?  Bring your pets along for the ride.  From hiking to visiting a new park, you can include your pets in your exercise and travel plans for 2016.
  • Spend More Time Playing – Make playtime a priority in 2016!  While it can be easy to let playtime slip to the wayside through the busy year, start off strong by making time for you and your pet to enjoy some relaxation and fun.  Cats love laser toys, crinkly balls and climbable cat trees.  Give your pet a new toy to start off 2016. 
  • Learn Something New – With a full year ahead of you and your pets, it’s time to learn something new!  Mental stimulation can help your pets stay active and cognitive as they age.  Keep your senior pet’s brain active by teaching them a new trick.  If you don’t have time to teach your pet on your own, consider investing in a puzzle feeder that forces your pet to think and rewards them with a treat. 
  • Schedule Regular Checkup – Annual examinations are an important part of your pet’s health (and your health too)!  Although your pet may seem healthy, it’s still important to bring them in for a preventative exam.  This will help us diagnose any health concerns early on, before they become a problem for your pet.  
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