New Year’s Resolutions to Help Your Pet!

As we all know the New Year has
just rolled in! Many of us like to reflect on the year and make resolutions to
improve ourselves for the upcoming year! 

These resolutions can include
eating healthier, going to the gym more often,  or anything that may better ourselves!  However, this year, you may want to include your
pets in tour New Year’s resolutions!

Pets age much more quickly than humans, so it is important to make at
least one visit to the veterinarian every year for pets under 7 years of age
and at least twice for older pets.  With
accelerated aging it causes their bodies to change very quickly over time, and
if you wait until they are displaying signs of illness it could be too
late.  After a full examination by the
veterinarian they might suggest dental cleaning, lab work,
vaccinations, nutritional supplements, weight loss or even medications to
improve your pet’s health.  It is also
important to evaluate your pet’s diet.  

There are many different choices on the shelves that it is vital to
do some research before choosing a brand that may not be optimal for your
specific pet.  You should also be aware
the sudden changes in a pet’s diet can be more harmful than helpful, be sure to
do it slowly over a period of around 2 weeks. 
Like humans obesity in pets is at an all-time high, with 60 percent of
household pets being overweight or obese in America.  

Also like humans, obesity can expose them to a
variety of disease conditions.  Consult
your vet and develop a healthy diet and exercise program for your pet.  

Combine all of these and have a happy and
healthy New Year for you and your pets! 

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