New York State Drafting Law For Shark Fin Trade Ban

New York State Legislators recently drafted a law banning the trade of shark fins, saying that this decimates the ocean predators.
If the law passes, California, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii
and New York would make up the only five states outlawing the sale, possession
and trade in the fins, which fisherman slice off, and then throw the rest of
the shark back into the ocean.
“The decimation of the shark population is a serious concern
as it has a detrimental trickle-down effect for the entire oceanic food chain,”
New York State Senator Mark Grisanti said in a statement. “With the shark
population in serious peril, and other countries and states passing legislation
to protect sharks, New York should be a leader in extending protection to these
magnificent animals,” (
Tens of millions of sharks are killed every year as
fisherman slice off their fins to use for dinner tables. One reason it may be
done is because it is out of sight of everyone, since they are way out in the
ocean. Sharks don’t have many offspring, which is a risk to their survival. 
What are your thoughts on finning? Let’s hear what you have
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