NJ May Be the First State to Require Dogs to Wear Seat Belts!

L. Grace Spencer, a New Jersey
Assemblywoman, has introduced a state bill that would require drivers to secure
pets in 
seat belts or pay the penalty of up to $1,000.  The 1,000 dollar fine would only apply in
extreme cases such as leaving a pet unsecured in the bed of a pickup

This law would also not apply to
animals stored in crates.  Spencer is an
animal lover who owns seven pets herself, she has gained the endorsement of New Jersey’s Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.  A bill such as this of course has its critics
who believe the attention of state legislation should be delegated to the
states budget deficit and unemployment rate. 
Animal activist have been advocating animal safety in motor vehicles for
a long time, a number of other states have banned pets from riding in owners
laps while driving.  

Zerimax is one of
the top companies producing animal seat restraints, and have quadrupled their
sales every month since the company was launched.
  Zerimax has different restraints starting at
$25 and ranging to around $50.
believes that if the bill in question passes and other states adopt similar
bills the market will flood with cheaper products because of product

Supporters of this bill
that we should be obligated to protect the lives of our pets and this bill will
force people to be more cautious! 

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